TRAVEL STORY ROUND-UP (February 2015): An avid traveler, RoseAnna writes a biweekly travel column for Canstar Community News. Here are her latest stories:

Atlantis Paradise Island – Part 1
Atlantis Paradise Island – Part 2
Thërmea by Nordik Spa-Nature

You can read more travel stories like these, and other writings, on RoseAnna’s blog RAS Words. And if you enjoy her writing, please share it, and/or follow her blog!

GOALDIGGERS WANT TO PLAY ON TOP OF MOUNTAIN (January 2015): Here’s a story about RoseAnna’s hockey team the Goaldiggers – they’ve entered an ASHL (Adult Safe Hockey League) contest to play hockey on top of a mountain!

THE HURRY HARDERS SWEEP FUNSPIEL (January 2015): A fan of curling, RoseAnna entered team The Hurry Harders in this year’s IATSE 856 funspiel – and won 1st place! It was a pleasure beating the other teams, especially the one with two Dave Browns on it…

1st place

WINNIPEG SUN HOCKEY STORY FEATURES SCHICK (January 2015): RoseAnna plays hockey, and is passionate about promoting the sport to other women! Here’s a story about her in the Winnipeg Sun, featuring the Women’s Hockey Fundamentals program at Canlan Ice Sports. She started playing hockey at the age of 38, and believes it’s never too late to take up the game, at any age…

PANEL MODERATOR FOR ON SCREEN MANITOBA (January 2015): RoseAnna Schick of RAS Creative was recently asked to moderate a “Kids Programming” panel for On Screen Manitoba, at their annual All Access industry conference.

TEN-YEAR ANNIVERSARY FOR RAS CREATIVE (May 2014): Time flies when you love what you do! RAS Creative is proud to be celebrating ten years of full-time operations. RoseAnna started the company as a part-time hobby in 1995 after graduating from Red River College, before turning it into a successful full-time venture in 2004. Thank you to everyone who has supported, encouraged, inspired, assisted, referred, recommended, and been there over the past ten years… we’re still here because of you!

HOCKEY CHAMPIONS! (April 2014): RoseAnna took up women’s hockey late in life, but seems to be making up for it. Her awesome team the Goaldiggers swept the ASHL playoffs to capture their division championship! Now, on to summer hockey…

Goaldiggers 2014

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY PANEL MODERATOR (March 2014): The Hummingbird Education Fund organized an inspiring International Women’s Day breakfast panel called Inspiring Change for Women in Manitoba, and asked RoseAnna to moderate. Joining her on the panel was a diverse and dynamic group of women – all former YMCA/YWCA Woman of Distinction Award recipients.

QUEST FOR THE BAY KEYNOTE PRESENTATION (March 2014): RoseAnna was asked to deliver the keynote presentation at Legacy Bowes Group’s 2014 Human Resource Conference on March 4, by sharing her experiences on Quest for the Bay.

WHOSE HOUSE?? ROSEANNA’S HOUSE! (February 2014): The Uniter recently visited RoseAnna at home, to feature her in their weekly “Whose House” series. She had fun showing them around, and introducing them to her little dog Girl! Check out the article and pictures here.

MEMBER OF MUSIC HOST COMMITTEE (January 2014): Since her activity as one of the founding member of the Prairie Music Alliance, RoseAnna has continually contributed to the growth and development of Manitoba’s music industry. This year, she was pleased to be asked to join the Manitoba Host Committee, which oversees the Western Canadian Music Awards and BreakOut West Music Festival.

HONOURED WITH WRITING AWARD (October 2013) – RoseAnna Schick of RAS Creative was recently honoured with an award from the Professional Writer’s Association for her story about Richard Branson. She’s very proud of this certificate, which now hangs on her wall!

PAUL MCCARTNEY: NOW, THEN, AND THE WINDING ROAD IN BETWEEN (September 2013) – RoseAnna recently attended the Paul McCartney concert in Winnipeg, and was once again moved by this musical legend. So much so that she wrote a little story about it. You can find it at her blog RAS Words. 

CANOEING FRIENDS (June 2013): In the summer of 2012, RoseAnna had the pleasure of canoeing in Manitoba’s wilderness. On the trip was an awesome family, one of whom is a travel writer. Here is Deb’s story about the trip, which published in WestJet’s Up! Magazine.

CURLING FOR A CAUSE (February 2013): Manitoba Music held a charity curling bonspiel to raise money for the Unison Benevolent Fund, and the RAS Creative team placed 3rd out of 36 teams – and finally took home some hardware! It was an awesome day of curling with musicians and members of the music industry, and today, RoseAnna cherishes her third place trophy, and vows to one day win it all…


CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE BRANSON KIND (October 2012) – RoseAnna had the pleasure of crossing paths with Sir Richard Branson, and crossing that off her bucket list! Read about this impromptu and unforgettable adventure at her blog RAS Words.

NAMED TO ON SCREEN MANITOBA BOARD OF DIRECTORS (June 2012) – Passionate about her communities, RoseAnna was named to the Board of Directors for On Screen Manitoba.

TRAVEL COLUMN FOR THE COMMUNITY (June 2012 ) – Canstar News launched a regular travel column, penned by RoseAnna. It’s called Travelations and appears every two weeks in the print editions. You can also find the stories reposted on RoseAnna’s blog, RAS Words.

NEAR ‘CLEAN SWEEP’ AT  BONSPIEL (February 2012) – Manitoba Music held a charity curling bonspiel to raise money for the Unison Benevolent Fund, and the RAS Creative team placed 2nd out of 36 teams! It was an awesome day of curling with musicians and members of the music industry.

MB Music 2012

ABORIGINAL MUSIC PROGRAM MENTOR (February 2012) – The Aboriginal Music Program at Manitoba Music selected RoseAnna Schick of RAS Creative to be their ‘Mentor in Residence’ for the month of February. Find out more about the Aboriginal Music Program here.

HEART HEALTH FOR WINNIPEG WOMEN (December 2011) – A frequent freelance writer, RoseAnna wrote an article for Winnipeg Women Magazine about heart health. Have a read here.

MENTORING THE NEXT GENERATION (December 2011) – Canadian Women in Communications selected  RoseAnna to Mentor an upcoming professional. Read the announcement in the Winnipeg Free Press here.

MANITOBA CHAMBER PROFILES RAS CREATIVE (November 2011) – The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce launched their ‘Project Pipeline’ recently, and included RAS Creative as one of  the businesses to feature. Click here to read the profiles. RoseAnna was  also featured in the latest issue of their Manitoba Focus magazine. Check out the feature here.

MEDIA RELATIONS WORKSHOP (October 2011) – The Manitoba Arts Network held their Manitoba Showcase Contact 2011 in Winkler in October. RoseAnna delivered a workshop about  Media Relations to arts organizations from across Manitoba.

RANDOM QUESTIONS WITH… (July 2011) – Manitoba Music featured RoseAnna  in their Summer Newsletter. Check out the feature called  ‘Random Questions With’ to see what she had to say!

ONE DISTINCT WOMAN! (May 2011) – The YM-YMCA Women of Distinction Awards nominated RoseAnna in the category of Public Awareness & Communications. The awards were handed out at a gala dinner on May 4 – and RoseAnna won!  Here she is with Olympic gold medalist Jennifer Botterill, MC for the evening.

MINNESOTA MINI-MECCA (April 2011) – When she’s not busy running RAS Creative, RoseAnna loves to pursue freelance writing. A frequently published travel writer, her latest article is about Detroit Lakes in Minnesota. Read all about it here.

TRC FORUM IN VANCOUVER (March 2011) – The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada held a forum in Vancouver to encourage dialogue about a National Research Centre. RoseAnna traveled to Vancouver to manage the media relations on site.

ROMANTIC RESORTS (January 2011) – With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, RoseAnna wrote a freelance feature about the many wonderful romantic resorts in Manitoba. It appeared on the front page of the Winnipeg Free Press Travel section. Check it out here.

PANEL MODERATOR FOR ABORIGINAL MUSIC PROGRAM (January 2011) – RoseAnna loves to share her knowledge of publicity and media relations, and is often called upon to faciliate media forums. She has been asked to moderate several sessions for Manitoba Music’s Aboriginal Music Program, and enjoys interacting with the many musicians who come out and take part in the panel discussions.

PANEL MODERATOR FOR FILM & TV INDUSTRY SESSION (November 2010) – On Screen Manitoba held another All Access Forum, which explores television and interactive digital media. RoseAnna was asked to moderate a panel called Online Content: Principal or Co-star? and was proud to be part of this great industry event.

MEN WITH BROOMS… AND GOLD MEDALS! (July 2010) – The cast and crew of Men With Brooms were thrilled to meet one of Canada’s greatest curlers. Kevin Martin was on-set for a day to shoot some scenes for the series, and was gracious to pose for photos with his Olympic Gold Medal. Curling fans lined up to have their picture taken with Mr. Martin, including a very happy publicist.GOLFING AROUND MANITOBA (May 2010) – RoseAnna is thrilled to be appointed Travel Manitoba’s golf blogger. Her task this past summer was to travel each week to a different Manitoba golf course, play it, and review the course in her blog called The Back Nine.

WORKSHOPS ON TRAVEL WRITING (April 2010) – The tourism office in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, invited RoseAnna to deliver two travel writing workshops at the Riverland Tourism Conference. Then it was on to beautiful Detroit Lakes for a little rest and relaxation.

ROSEANNA SCHICK ‘ON THE NIGHT TABLE’ (March 2010) – When not working for her many clients, one of RoseAnna’s favourite things is reading. That’s why her friend Morley Walker at the Winnipeg Free Press chose her for one of his On The Night Table features. Check out the article to find out what RoseAnna was reading at the time, including the most excellent book Paddle to the Amazon.

PANELS FOR MANITOBA’S ARTS & MUSIC COMMUNITIES (March 2010) – ACI Manitoba asked RoseAnna to deliver and moderate a ‘lunch-and-learn’ panel called Promotion Through Publicity for the ACI membership. She also moderated an Aboriginal Music & Media Forum for Manitoba Music’s Aboriginal Music Program.

GUEST PANELIST AT CWC EVENT (February 2010) – RoseAnna was invited to be a panelist at the Canadian Women in Communications’ Risktakers panel, along with other esteemed guests Larry Updike, Shelly Glover, and Georges Beaudry. RoseAnna spoke from the perspective of an entrepreneur who believes that, if you love what you do, and are driven by passion, then risks are definitely worth taking. Because the rewards can be even better than you had hoped!

RAS SHARES INSIGHTS ON MANITOBA’S #1 RADIO STATION (December 2009) – Radio host Laurie Langcastor invited RoseAnna to join her live on CJOB’s The Drive. The topic of discussion were the latest entertainment scandals involving Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen, and why each one was garnering a different level of public interest. RoseAnna provided her unique point of view as an entertainment publicist.

JURY TO HER PEERS (November 2009) – The Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Association (SMPIA) asked RoseAnna to be a member of their jury for the 2009 Showcase Awards. She gladly took up the challenge of jurying the non-fiction categories. You can find out more about the awards, the nominees, winners, and jury members here.

‘IN THE KNOW’ ABOUT MUSIC & FILM (September 2009) – RoseAnna was selected as a panelist at the Western Canadian Music Awards conference, sharing her knowledge and know-how about networking in the music industry. She was also selected to moderate two panels about music in film, co-presented by Manitoba Music and Film Training Manitoba, featuring industry professionals considered experts on the subject. With RoseAnna’s background in both the music and film industries, she was a natural choice for moderator.

RAS VENTURES INTO WORLD OF BOOK PUBLISHING (August 2009) – A popular book publisher has contracted RAS Creative to provide publicity and promotion services for a well-known Canadian author. Being a writer herself, RoseAnna is particularly interested in learning all about the world of book publishing, with hopes that one day she’ll launch her own books.

TWO THUMBS UP! (July 2009) – While working as unit publicist onKeep Your Head Up Kid:  The Don Cherry Story, RoseAnna got to meet the man himself. As part of her job, she had the pleasure of conducting a one-on-one behind-the-scenes interview with Mr. Cherry for DVD special features. Oh how she loves her work!

FEATURED MEMBER OF ACI MANITOBA (June 2009) – ACI Manitoba selected RoseAnna Schick as featured member for the month of June. With a vast membership of professionals spanning the arts, culture and entertainment industries in Manitoba, RoseAnna was very honoured to be chosen. Check out her ACI Manitoba profile at www.creativemanitoba.ca.

RAS CREATIVE CELEBRATES FIVE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY (May 2009) – Time flies when you love what you do! RAS Creative is proud to be celebrating five years of full-time operations in May 2009. RoseAnna first started the company as a part-time hobby in 1995 after graduating from Red River College, before turning it into a successful full-time venture in 2004. Thank you to everyone who has supported, encouraged, inspired, assisted, referred, recommended, and been there through the past five years… it’s all been possible because of you!

WINE LABEL FEATURES A FAMILIAR FACE (December 2008) – Wine lovers from Winnipeg may recognize the face on a new brand of wine. SmileVino hit the shelves this Christmas, and features 12 different women on 12 different labels. RoseAnna, who was hired by SmileVino to set up various scenarios and capture the label images, did double duty as a ‘model’ on the label dubbed ‘challenge’. You can find her smiling face in liquor stores around Winnipeg and in the US. Check out the back of the label, too, for the photo that also features her good friend Bernice Sharples. Look for RoseAnna’s label at www.smilevino.com.

BACK TO THE MUSIC (August 2008) – RoseAnna is proud to be taking on artist management duties for Serena Postel, a talented musician from Winnipeg. RoseAnna and Serena met a year ago through a mutual friend, and unofficially began working together a few months later. In June 2008 they traveled to the North-by-Northeast conference in Toronto, where Serena showcased and made her first impressions on the music industry. With Serena’s limitless talent and RoseAnna’s innovative ideas, the sky’s the limit for this blossoming music career.

RAS GOES TO TIFF (September 2007) – An avid traveler, RoseAnna jumped at the chance to travel to the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival to assist with media relations for the world premiere of The Stone Angel. She also conducted an onsite inteview with the extraordinary and legendary Ellen Burstyn.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS ARTICLE ABOUT LOVE FOR ROWING (August 2007) – The Winnipeg Free Press featured an article about RoseAnna as a member of the Winnipeg Rowing Club. Committed to active living, rowing is one sport she trains for. Row, row, row your boat to a full-body work-out…

HONOURED WITH AWARD NOMINATION (April 2007) – The Women Business Owners of Manitoba recognized RoseAnna with a nomination for the 2007 Manitoba Women Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. RoseAnna would like to personally thank everyone who provided her with letters of recommendation.

RED RIVER COLLEGE DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI (September 2006) – Red River College’s Distinction Magazine featured an article about RoseAnna being a Creative Communications’ graduate, and the success of her company RAS Creative. All-around one woman show

COMMUNITY CURIOSITY ABOUT HER QUEST (June 2006) – The Lac du Bonnet Leader wrote an article about RoseAnna’s very entertaining Quest for the Bay presentation for their community council’s anniversary celebration. A great challenge for reality TV star