Welcome to RAS Creative, a strategic marketing and communications company based in Canada.

We work with entertainment, lifestyle and cultural clients in Winnipeg, around Manitoba, across North America, and worldwide, from:

  • music & motion pictures
  • arts & entertainment
  • sports & recreation
  • travel & tourism
  • aboriginal community

Since 1995, RAS Creative has built a solid foundation and reputation as Winnipeg’s premiere ‘go to’ boutique PR company, and one of Canada’s leading independent publicity houses. With 20+ years of experience in media relations, marketing, communications, and project management, we know how to implement creative and customized approaches. We love what we do, and we’re connected, involved, and ready to work for you.

favourite photos!

20160505_163115_resizedCMW16 - Wendy Mesley

In May 2016, Northern Ontario rockers Midnight Shine were invited to showcase at Canadian Music Week in Toronto. Wendy Mesley from CBC heard about the band, and wanted to interview them. So she came down to Boots & Bourbon before the bar opened, had her TV crew set up some lights and cameras, and put together an awesome segment for The National. She was just as thrilled to meet the band as they were to meet her! Here are a few photos from that amazing day, and you can watch the full interview here.